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Palmate partners with farmers, formulators, manufacturers, and more to deliver a range of consulting and turnkey hemp processing services. We’re more than an ingredient company—we’re your true partner.

Crop Purchase

Sell your harvest directly to Palmate for upfront cash payments. Our advanced in-house testing facilities can ensure your crops are compliant with THC requirements and free from herbicides, pesticides, mycotoxins, and other contaminants.

Shredding & Drying

Hemp growers can turn to Palmate to shred their crop to a uniform size, shape, and consistency before drying in our industrial-grade dryer, designed to preserve material integrity.

Packaging & Climate-Controlled Storage

Palmate’s storage facility has been meticulously designed to optimize cannabinoid preservation and integrity. Our on-site laboratory performs regular checks on the storage environment, periodically assessing moisture and active water as well as testing for mycotoxins.

Isolate & Distillate Extraction

Palmate offers turnkey cannabinoid extraction for both isolate and distillates. Our advanced facility uses cryo-ethanol extraction, meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements, and has earned us cGMP certification.

Toll Processing

Convert your hemp biomass into cannabinoid oil, distillate, or isolate by either a) paying upfront or b) in exchange for a percentage of the finished product or revenue from its sale.

Analytical Testing

Our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art analytical laboratory is capable of performing a comprehensive array of tests for our customers, from verifying the potency and safety of hemp supply to confirming the consistency and quality of end products.

Consulting Services

Being an industry leader means sharing our wisdom with the world. We’ve opened the doors of our analytical laboratory to our partners, working with them to refine their existing cannabinoid-infused products and serving as an advisor when developing new ones. Palmate’s scientists and engineers are continually researching and studying new developments in cannabinoid sciences, which means we’re not only prepared to help you navigate the state of the industry today, but tomorrow as well.

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