About Us

Excellence Is In Our DNA

Located in Florida’s Lake County, Palmate is a manufacturer of premium cannabinoid ingredients with turnkey hemp processing capabilities. Backed by stable, long-term capital, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facilities that allow us to validate the efficacy, potency, and safety of all our ingredients. Our highly-trained scientists and engineers, quality assurance experts, and technicians—all specialized in the field of cannabinoid extraction and refinement—are committed to providing reliable, consistent and premium cannabinoid ingredients, ultimately helping to give consumers peace of mind when they use cannabinoid-infused products.

Expertise At Every Step

We’re not alone on our journey to superior cannabinoid ingredients. Palmate has forged strategic partnerships with exceptional hemp farmers and growers by rigorously vetting plant genetics, agricultural practices, and post-harvest test results to ensure all hemp material meets our exacting standards. We’ve partnered with reputable third-party testing services to validate all of our ingredients, in addition to the comprehensive testing performed by our own analytical laboratory. And we work hand-in-hand with our clients, helping them test and refine their cannabinoid-infused products, and even guiding them in developing new ones.

Palmate provides expertly extracted cannabinoid ingredients by holding ourselves to a higher standard and never wavering from it. 

Our analytical laboratory is capable of conducting full-panel analyses of our ingredients—including tests that many third-party labs don't perform. 

If needed, Palmate's research & development team can help our partners optimize the efficacy of their products and even create custom formulations. 

Palmate is building a world where cannabinoid products improve our collective wellbeing as a recognized health and wellness solution.

Our Certifications

Palmate believes our customers deserve more than a high-quality ingredient. They deserve the confidence that their cannabinoid-infused products meet the most stringent production and safety standards. All of our ingredients and facilities adhere to rigorous requirements and protocols and hold key certifications and accreditations at state and federal levels.

cGMP Compliant

Established by the FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of standards that validate the safety and integrity of manufacturing, processing and packaging operations.

FDA Registered

As an FDA-registered facility, the Food and Drug Administration is able to audit all manufacturing practices, documentation, and recall procedures.

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