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Whether you are looking to create a brand-new product line or add cannabinoids to an existing product or product category, we can help you access the fastest and most affordable way to introduce your hemp brand and products.

Our manufacturing partners offer white label and private label in all major form factors, including ready-to-mix powders, gummies, topicals, softgels and more.

Complete Supply Chain Transparency

Each hemp supplier is thoroughly evaluated to ensure agricultural practices meet our strict food safety standards. This is done so by onsite audits, and documentation review.
Furthermore, our Chemists analyze the plant genetics, and post-harvest test results with our state-of-the-art, in-house analytical laboratory to determine the hemp material meets our standards.

100% Guaranteed Quality

Cannabinoids are continuously tested throughout the process to ensure optimal potency and minimal loss. Final safety and purity testing of finished ingredients are also performed within our on-site laboratory before further validation by an ISO 17025 certified third-party lab.

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