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You’re Not Alone In Your Search for Premium Cannabinoid Ingredients.

With many similar choices on the market, seeking a trustworthy cannabinoid ingredient supplier can prove difficult.

Palmate has the solution.

Our commitment to premium quality is ingrained into every area of our business including our people, our processes, and our products. We work with clients just like you to provide a cannabinoid ingredient purchasing journey we call the Palmate Partner Advantage.

The Palmate Partner Advantage is different in 5 ways:

1. We Start from the Source
We use only a carefully-sourced hemp supply (including hemp grown under organic practices) and conduct rigorous vetting of all our farm partners. This includes thorough soil and water testing and adherence to Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) plus US Hemp Authority (USHA) guidelines to help ensure a consistent supply.

2. We Provide Superior Quality by Setting Superior Testing Standard
We help ensure premium quality by using our own analytical laboratory. This provides us with comprehensive full-panel analyses performed by our in-house science team. We also use trusted third-party testing services to validate all our ingredients and ensure our cannabinoid ingredients exceed industry standards.

3. We Make Superior Ingredients that Create Business Advantages
Our cannabinoid ingredients are formulated for superior performance within food products, cosmetics, beverages, vapes, and supplements. Our team of highly trained scientists, engineers, and technicians are here to help you to improve product quality, partner in product development, and navigate a challenging regulatory market.

4. We Work on a Commercial Scale to Ensure Our Supply Meets Your Demand
Our facility is FDA-registered and GMP-certified, spanning 42,000 sf. This ensures we can meet every supply need you may have. Plus, our facility adheres to rigorous protocols, holding key certifications and accreditations at state and federal levels.

5. We are Partners in Advancing Businesses to be Future Ready Now
We share our knowledge and expertise on evolving cannabinoid sciences, technologies and regulations. We can work with you to refine your existing products or serve as advisors when you’re developing new ones. Our commitment to remain updated on the latest advancements will help guide you now and in the future.

Get in touch today and learn how our cannabinoid expertise can best serve you.

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